Chimes 3.0 update is now live!! Unfortunately no page updates yet, but it should be easier to explore on mobile, and it has a cute new theme! I hope you all enjoy!

I'm once again still working on things, but! Before I forget what I've added, I wanted to list them off:

- Archives has two pages now: Hexes, which was already there, and Stamps, (Stamp archive, not regular stamps) that's been added
- I've redone the pet pictures a little, so far 27 dogs have been added!
- Again, more sites have been added to Links
- Made this update box a little longer
- The main website iFrame is wider

And thank you so so much for 1000 visits, it means the world to me! A big update to Chimes is coming soon!

I'm still working on things, but figured I'd post an update now! A few things have been added:

- "Resources" has split off from Fun Stuff, containing pages like Textures and Contactz!
- I've also added a couple new pride paws
- Added my first eye pack/contactz
- Added a few more sites to the links page
- Added a chatbox (Located in Fun Stuff)
- Aaand changed the whole site to blue since I really like that colour being associated with me now!

Thanks for 495 views btw! Means a lot! :D

Ayyy I'm back after a mental health break and hopefully here to stay! I'll be changing the site colours a little bit, and looks like my web counter broke at some point so I put a new one and started it at 317, which was the last recorded number according to the Wayback Machine (tysm to whoever screenshot it at that time!)

Chimes is officially open! While many things are still under construction, and I'm still adding most of my crew, I can confidently call it a functioning site. I hope you all have fun exploring it!