Hex Archive

I've just started hexing recently, but I'm proud of what I've made so far!
Unfortunately, I'm not up for trading/requests of my hexes unless I approach someone first! This is for my own comfort and mental health, I hope everyone understands. When I have the motivation, though, I try to make lots to sell/adopt out!

If you have a hex from me, please respect my rules!
✦ Renaming and gender-swapping is okay, only touch-ups/texture redirecting is okay hexing-wise
✦ If no longer wanted, please return
✦ Playdates are okay with people you trust

Feel free to look at the code for inspiration/figuring out how things work, just please don't steal whole chunks of code.

Shark Pups

One of my first full hexes! (More info will be added soon)

Opila Bird
(August 2023)

A (sort of) joke gift I made for my partner! It's based on the character Opila Bird from the mascot horror game series, Garten of Banban, by the Euphoric Brothers. I wish I remembered the origin of most of the textures, but sadly I only know of the few that I made from my Don't Starve texture pack.