Welcome to my page of contactz! Nah, this isn't like "where do I email you", these are textured eyes that look far different from regular petzy eyes! I was inspired by Lida over at Hextraordinary, who also has a tutorial for applying these! Please check out that tutorial there if you're unsure on what to do, go to Resource > Tutorials > No Texture Rotate Eyes!

I have an eye pack/contactz for you to download if you want! Feel free to use them for your petz, just please do not:
✦ Use on innapropriate/offensive hexes
✦ Use without crediting me
✦ Claim you made them
You're also free to edit them as you'd like! Just follow those past rules, please!

Simply click the images to download the .zip file for the eye packs/contactz. (Note: The textures will look a little weird out of game, being divided into 4 parts; this is needed, or else they'll look cursed like this)

Beginner Eye Pack

My first eye pack/contactz! I've been experimenting with texture eyes for a couple days after Lida taught me, but this is the first eye pack I've made for others! Inspired by eyes from Sailor Moon, that's why they're so shiny, pff...Has 6 basic colours!