A Bit About Me

Howdy again! As mentioned, I'm Cherry/Wrenn. There's nothing really interesting about me, I'm just a regular antisocial artist that plays games on their computer, haha. Here are a few things of note:


✦ I'm 19
✦ I'm genderfluid, and my preferred pronouns are found here
✦ Taken by the lovely WackyWibr
✦ I have trouble reading tone through text, and I have trouble picking up jokes and sarcasm so if interpret something wrong, I'm sorry! (Using tone indicators really helps!)

My Petz History

Way back in 2017, while looking for Sims 3 Pet CC, I discovered some interesting looking pixel animals. After looking into it a bit more, I learned it was an old game called "Petz", one that still had a living community! I quickly found a free download for Petz 4, adopted my little Dalmatian, Hiccup, and I fell in love. It didn't take long for me to learn the inner workings of the community, from hexing and shows (showing was my strong point though, I severely struggled with hexing, even with PWS) and was having lots of fun! I would find some cute babies in litters available on RKC, and started hoarding children.

It managed to take almost 7 months until I came up with the idea: Hey, what if I make a Discord? I wasn't really used to using a forum for chatting, and I had talked to my friend (funny enough, not even in the community) about it before making it. I gave it a simple name: Petzcord! It might have first been Petz Discord, though, I can't entirely remember the servers first few months. Here's the original post I made for advertising it!

Over the next couple of years, I'd make mistakes, and I have numerous regrets from immaturity, but in the end, I don't regret making Petzcord. I've had to take a few breaks for mental health reasons, but now I'm back on there as a mod (I stepped down as owner for my own sake, Rebecca took over) and hope to get back into Petz completely. I've been around for the closing of PUGS and opening of TFM, and I'm ready for what the decade will bring the community!